BitofBully Foundation

BitofBully Foundation

At BitofBully we started working with Prostate cancer uk - & Shine - Both charities mean the world to us at BitofBully so we are on our mission to help raise money and awareness. If you follow us on facebook we @bitofdarts (they would not let us use BitofBully, as it flagged offensive language). On the page we run a group called the BitofBully Foundation which on there we are holding raffle cards (dart related) and auctions (could be related to darts or not). If you have a item you wish to donate to help raise money please drop us a email. Current fundraising achievements

 prostate cancer uk –

shine -

If you wish to make a one off donation please make it via paypal too – via friends and family.


We intend over the next few years to start making/selling other charities products too!

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