Datadart Night Force steel tip darts

Datadart Night Force steel tip darts

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Datadart - Night Force - Torpedo Shape - Knurl   Weights 22,24,6,28.grams


The Datadart Night Force is manufactured using 90% tungsten, styled in the very popular torpedo shape with front knurl for additional grip.

1 Set of Barrels
1 Set of Datadart  Tri-Colour Flights
1 Set of Black Alloy Medium Shafts
Black Plastic Double Side Darts Case


22g - 8.05mm Dia, 40.70mm Long
24g - 8.15mm Dia, 42.60mm Long
26g - 8.25mm Dia, 44.40mm Long
28g - 8.15mm Dia, 45.75mm Long


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