Datadart Jocky Wilson original 16g soft tip dart set 90% tungsten

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The Datadart Jocky Soft Tip has evolved from his ever popular Original dart. Precision made, laser engraved, 90% tungsten dart, simply a lovely soft tip dart.

Jocky Wilson was one of those very special sportsmen who achieved an almost immortal status in their chosen sport.

The ‘Wee Man’s’ ability was incredible, a more natural dart player you could not find. But it was Jocky’s nature away from the oche that has forever endeared him to the hearts of the British public. The fact that Jocky was one of the most recognized dart figures ever, even after he retired from the game proves that Jocky Wilson was and always will be a sporting LEGEND.

In the box: 3 barrels, 3 Jocky canes with Jocky rings, 3 Jocky Signature flights