Novelty Nail steel tip dart set

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Novelty Long Nail Darts. Throwing Nails: Nails aren't the easiest things to throw - but it only takes a short time to master them. During this time, your nails will fall to the floor on a regular basis - so try not to play on stone or tiled floors to avoid weakening the points. You can throw them as you would a knife, by the point or nail head first. Once you master your technique you will be able to hone your skill and amaze your fellow dart players down the local. Nails will boost your confidence and improve your game with conventional darts too. Showing off IS recommended. (When you can do it - but your pals can't - it's great fun watching them try!). The points are top quality case hardened - but if one should become loose due to repeated falls and mis-throws - it can be easily re-fixed using a good quality super glue (one drop).